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Consulting in the real world: Communicating statistics to scientists

During this special session, there were four invited talks on statistical consultancy followed by a discussion. To assist the discussion, evpoll was used to capture anonymous comments (with voting on the comments). These comments are given below.


“Moving beyond p”: How can we best promote awareness around the aim of a statistical analysis?

Comments Up votes Down votes
Data patterns, distributions, confidence intervals 12 0
Help people understand what their research question actually is. 12 1
Get “statistical thinking” embedded rather than just what’s the answer 10 0
Focus on practical significance 10 0
Providing courses in statistics that are delivered by staff from the statistics school as opposed to staff in other faculties with both minimal understanding and enthusiasm for the subject 5 0
Massively improve how we teach stats in the first place 6 1
How do we make non-significant results publishable? 9 5
Change thinking from how to get results to what we want to know. 2 0
Relate output back to how it addresses the aim 2 0
Simply ask the question first: can you see the effect on the graph… 2 0
What about Bayesian approaches? 3 1
Convince editors that in some cases a picture is far more informative than any p-value or complicated stats. 0 0
Don’t provide p-values 😁 2 6

Basic Statistical ideas: Ways to encourage sound understanding ideas/ philosophies (e.g. replication vs pseudo replication)?

Comments Up votes Down votes
Training using the researchers examples 15 0
Develop a virtual reality maze with statistical tests along the way and only talk to them when they find their way out 😉 6 0
Experimental games that users participate in and see variability between their results and others 8 2
A chocolate bar for thinking about design for just one minute 7 1
Use computing simulations 6 1
Get involved in the experiment running stage, going to the lab, that way you can better understand critical considerations they have, and address these. 6 2
We should go to none stats conferences and vice versa 3 0
Ensure the basic concept of variability and “effect vs noise” is understood 3 0
Support concepts using practical and relevant examples 4 1
Explain with examples 3 0
Use fun, engaging examples! 3 0
Show striking counter examples 2 0
Graphical interpretation of interaction effects. 1 0
Teach school kids statistical ideas like this – they will get it 2 1

Communicating results: Relating things back to the original question; Encouraging good standards in stat aspects of results presentation?

Comments Up votes Down votes
Statisticians should be involved in writing papers and producing the presentations 20 0
Encourage people to think about what the results are showing and do they make sense. Is there a scientific explanation. 12 0
Support good writing of statistical results and conclusions 9 0
Have the original hypothesis explicitly written down and ask how does this answer that 7 0
Publish research/analysis protocols before data collected (cf Clinical Trials) 5 0
discuss the limitations, why and where it wont work 5 0
Reporting guidelines used in the design phase eg consort statement 2 0
Use graphics. 2 0
Create graphs with captions for the sci 2 0
use layman terms 1 0
Give examples!good results vs bad result 1 0
Teaching that to students in first year courses. 1 0
Culpability 1 0